I’m Mike.

profile picI was born and raised in north Meridian, back when it was mostly corn and wheat fields. The farmlands I played and worked in as a boy are now covered by subdivisions and homes, many built by me (with mixed emotions!). I truly love Idaho and her people.

I worked summer construction jobs as a teenager, then majored in Construction Management in college. I earned my Bachelor’s in ’98, married a cute curly-haired blonde named Cassie, and worked for various residential and commercial construction companies in Texas for a few years. First chance I got, I came back home to Idaho and started building homes.

In 2005 I founded Clear Creek Homes LLC, building and remodeling homes in the Treasure Valley. Running my own business changed me in many ways, but above all I developed an obsession with customer service and satisfaction. Building is no fun with unhappy customers (I learned that the hard way in my early years). On the flip-side, there are few things I value more than happy customers, so I made customer satisfaction my top priority.

After a five-year sabbatical, of sorts, with the Idaho Army National Guard I re-branded as CCH Design | Remodel in 2013, focused exclusively on remodeling.

I take great pleasure in watching customers’ eyes light up when we get the layout just right during design, or catching them admiring their new cabinets or granite countertop. But the real payoff is seeing my customers around town, who smile and treat me like an old friend, and tell me they still love the work we did for them.


Call me.

(208) 573-1037